There are so many different ways to approach a video project.  The Creative Brief will help us organize the most relevant information about your company so that we can start working on the video production.


Brief description of your service/product. (1 or 2 sentences)


Please share the link to your website.


Who is your target audience for the video?

Demographic / gender / age / role, etc.


Why are you creating this video and what is the main thing that you hope to accomplish?


What action(s) should the user perform after viewing the video?


Describe your audience’s pain points and How do you solve their problem?


How does your service or product work? What are the main features?

Provide us with screenshots if necessary.


Who are your primary competitors (list their websites)?


How are you different from your competitors?


What kind of tone should the language take?

e.g.: Humorous? Aspirational? Serious? etc.


Would you prefer a female or male voice over talent? Adult, young adult?

If you had to use 3 or 4 words to describe your brand, what adjectives would you use?

e.g.: Fun, Modern, Young, Friendly, Rebel, Reliable, Calm, etc.

Hint: it’s not about what your business does, it’s about how you want your brand to be seen by others. This will help us to go in the right direction in terms of the graphic style we select.


Any video references you liked and why?


Does your brand use a specific color scheme? If so, please send it over.

If you don’t have one, we will create one for this video but take into account that we need this information to move forward.


Please send us the logo of your company and/or product in a .jpg and adobe illustrator format (.ai).